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Routing video through Live generally follows the same rules as routing audio. For example:

  • When grouping tracks that contain videos or video instruments, the output of those channels will be routed to the group.
  • Using a track's Send will send the video signal to the related Return track.
  • Setting a track's output to "Sends Only" will only output video to Return channels when Sends are used.

It is possible to unlink the video routing from the audio routing. While unlinked, the video output of the track will be routed to Master track. To do this, place a Properties device on the channel you wish to unlink and ensure "Follow Routings" is disabled:

Properties device

There are also a few exceptions, as not every audio feature can be applied to video:

  • Live's external audio inputs and outputs can be ignored while working with video. It is not possible to receive video from an external audio input. Instead, use the External In device on a MIDI channel for this. To output video, use Syphon.
  • When an audio channel's output has been set to an external audio output, the video on that channel will be rendered to the master track instead.