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Downloading and first launch


Click here to watch a video tutorial about getting started with Videosync.

  • Download Videosync and copy the Videosync application to your applications folder.
  • Launch Videosync and Ableton Live. The order in which you do this is not relevant.
  • As soon as Videosync detects that Live is running, the installation dialogue will appear and guide you through the installation process.

When starting Videosync, as soon as it detects that Live is running, it will always check if the Showsync Control Surface, Videosync plugins and the Demo Set are installed in the User Library and whether they are still up to date. Whenever this isn't the case, the installer is launched automatically.

Control Surface Installer
  • The control surface is now ready for use and the plugins are installed in your User Library.

Enabling video in your set

  • When both Videosync and Ableton Live are running, Videosync will automatically connect to your Live Set.
  • There are several ways to confirm the whether connection is established:
    • The title of the Videosync Master Out window reads "Connected".
    • The Console in the Control Panel window prints a message to confirm the connection is established.
    • The Videosync icon in the menu bar becomes solid when there is a connection.
Status Item

Read on to play your first video