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Videosync relies on Max For Live and a Control Surface to work. This means that limitations in the M4L and Python API prevent us from to adding some functionality we want. Below, you can find a list of currently known limitations.

Offline rendering

Using Live's Export feature will not take into account any processing done by Videosync. To export content created using Videosync, see Recording Output.

Rack Chain Selector does not affect video

Video devices in racks do not respond to the Chain Selector. For instance, an Audio Effect Rack containing video effects on multiple chains will always process all chains in parallel, and mixing can be done exclusively using the Chain Volume sliders.

Follow Actions (partial)

When using Follow Actions, retriggering the same clip results in a black screen. For instance, when selecting the Any or Play Again Follow Actions, a clip may or will retrigger itself, but Live will only send out a "fired" clip state to Videosync, and not also the "playing" state.

Tempo automation

Playing back unwarped video clips in the arrangement view while automating the master tempo will cause playback glitches.

Legacy limitations (Live 10)

The following limitations are resolved in Live 11:

Arrangement view

Video clips on audio tracks do not work in arrangement view.

Fortunately, in Live you can use the Arrangement View and Session View at the same time. Our current workaround is to play video clips in the Session View while using the full functionality of MIDI tracks in Arrangement View.

Press save after changing warp markers

After changing a clip's warp markers or its 1.1.1 position, you need to press the little 'save' button in the Detail View.

This saves the .asd which we extract the warp markers from. The consequence is that, since only one .asd-file per video-file can exist, you cannot use different warp markers on different clips that have the same video file. Also, having different warp settings for a clip that is used in multiple Live Sets is not possible.