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To the big screen

Presenting your video output on a projector or LED screen is a matter of positioning the Videosync window on a second display and setting it to fullscreen:

  1. Find the input cable of the projector, LED screen or video mixer you want to present on and connect it to your computer just like you would an external monitor.
  2. Go to Displays in System Preferences and make sure the second screen is found.
  3. Make sure Mirror Displays is off so that your desktop expands over both screens.
  4. Start Videosync and drag its window to the second display or set its position using the Window controls in the Control Window.
  5. Optionally, either double-click the window or use the Command-F shortcut to fill the second display.

For more details on how to make the output screen behave well, have a look at System Settings in our Handbook.