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Frequently asked questions


On how many computers can I activate a license?

The current limit is 2. If you require more unlocks, please send us an email.

How can I activate my license?

After purchasing a license, the license key will be sent to the email address that was entered to make the purchase. Copy the license key from the email and then enter it and the registered email address in the License tab of the Beam/Videosync Preferences.

Can I deactivate and reuse my license?

Yes, it's possible to deactivate a license in the Beam/Videosync Preferences, allowing for the license to be activated again on another computer.

What if I lose access to a computer?

In case you're unable to deactivate a license because you no longer have access to a computer, please send us an email.

Can I use Beam for Max objects in a Max standalone? How does licensing work there?

Yes, in every Max standalone application instance Beam for Max needs to be authorized with a license. If you require offline or bulk licensing please get in touch via [email protected].


Do you offer educational discount?

Yes, we offer an educational discount on initial purchases. Send us an email with proof of enrollment or affiliation, and we will provide you with a coupon that can be entered when checking out.

  • Videosync, Videosync Intro, Beam for Live: 40% discount.
  • Beam for Max: 20% discount.

Who is eligible for the educational discount?

The EDU offer is available for students and teachers who are enrolled in school or teaching full time, or for at least 20+ hours a week. Students must be age 18 or of legal age according to their country's laws. If a student is under age, a parent may purchase an EDU license on their behalf.

Students that have graduated or former teachers are not eligible for the discount. However, we can offer a grace period for students one month after graduation, and for teachers one month after the end of their employment contract.

Can educational licenses be upgraded?

EDU serials can be upgraded at regular discounted pricing. There is not an educational discount available for upgrades.

Do you offer bulk discounts?

Yes, please send us an email and let us know what you're interested in so we can offer you a discount.


What's included in product trials?

Trials for Beam and Videosync give you access to the full range of features.

  • Videosync runs in trial mode perpetually, and a watermark appears periodically and bounces around the screen until a license is activated.
  • Beam for Live runs in trial mode for 30 days after the initial installing. When the 30 days expire, Beam will no longer output DMX. To extend your trial, please send us an email.
  • Beam for Max runs in trial mode perpetually, with brief periodic blackouts at regular intervals.

Is there a trial for Videosync Intro?

There is no specific application for Videosync Intro. Instead, once a Videosync Intro license is activated in Videosync, the watermark is removed, but unsupported features are disabled.