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Beam for Live manual


Showsync Beam integrates lighting control with Ableton Live. Beam lets you control complex lighting setups and gives you control over any type of fixture directly from your musical timeline.

The first steps to start using Beam can be found in getting started. You don't need to start with actual lighting hardware, we will show you what is unique about Beam by connecting to a virtual lighting set.

Working with lighting hardware requires knowledge about fixtures and data protocols. This manual, as well as our Handbook lowers the entry barrier by providing some background information.


This manual assumes that you have basic knowledge of Ableton Live. You can always visit the Ableton knowledge base for more information on using Live.

Connect with other users

Connect with other Beam users and sync live show enthusiasts, find inspiration, share knowledge and ask questions in our Discord Community Server. For official support, visit our forum or contact us directly.

We improve this document on a regular basis. You would do us a great favor by sending us requests for additions or corrections via [email protected].

System requirements

  • macOS 10.13+ (High Sierra or later)
  • Live 10.1.13 or newer

Beam ships with a Universal Binary for Intel and Apple Silicon Macs.

Read more about our hardware recommendations in our Performance Handbook.

Ableton Live edition compatibility

Live 11/12 Suite


Live 11/12 Standard
with Max for Live

Live 11/12 Standard

Not compatible

Live 11/12 Intro

Not compatible

Live 11/12 Lite

Not compatible

Beam plugins require Max for Live. Max for Live is:

  • included with Live Suite
  • an optional addon for Live Standard
  • not compatible with Live Intro and Live Lite