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Connecting to real lights

Designing your show on a visualizer is fun, but eventually you will want to connect to an actual lighting set.


If you are not familiar with lighting hardware and protocols, now may be a good time to have a look at the Introduction to lighting control section.

Connecting to a DMX node‚Äč

Assuming the patch list in Beam matches the address and universe settings of the actual fixures, connecting to a real lighting rig is simple.

Using a USB DMX interface

  1. Connect your USB DMX interface and select it in the Beam settings.
  2. Connect the first light in your chain to the DMX output of the box with an XLR cable.

Using Art-Net

  1. Connect an ethernet cable from your computer to the DMX node that is connected to the lights.
  2. Set Beam's IP address to the IP address of the DMX node in the settings.