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Full features list


  • Professional lighting control, integrated in Ableton Live.
  • Work on different lighting setups without changing your Live Set.

Musical workflow

  • Design sequences of fades and movements with MIDI notes and automation on a musical timeline.
  • Use all of Live's powerful musical editing and signal flow tools for lighting.
  • Control multiple groups and types of fixtures simultaneously with the same musical events.
  • Operate on descriptive parameters instead of on single fixture channels.
  • Fully real-time. Supports happy mistakes.

Optimized patch list editing

  • Batch operations.
  • Smart multi-insert.
  • Create overlapping fixture groups using flexible tagging.
  • Edit multiple fixtures simultaneously.
  • Save fixture channel Ranges in patch.
  • Patch files have the .sbp extension.


  • Art-Net output.
  • Unlimited universes and subnets.
  • Control all types of fixtures, from static lights to moving heads.

Supported USB DMX interfaces:


The Enttec Open DMX USB is an unbuffered interface, which means it relies on the computer's CPU to generate the DMX signal. This makes it prone to timing issues, resulting in occasional DMX signal dropouts that cause lights to flicker. Therefore, we discourage using this specific interface in high stake situations and recommend a buffered interface instead (any other USB DMX interface on the list above, or any Art-Net node).

Fixture support

  • Comes with a Fixture Editor to create new fixture profiles.
  • Fixture profiles have the .sbf extension.
  • Active customer support for defining new or customizing fixtures.
  • Unique modulation parameter definition system, decoupled from hardware description.
  • Parameter categorization and modulation allows easy interchange of fixtures.


  • Comes with 3 basic instruments and 3 effects that can be combined in a modular way for a wide variety of results.
  • Plugin SDK (Beam SDK): create your own instruments tailored for specific setups and fixtures.