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October 2, 2023

  • External In and Tabula: Fixed a small regression where setting the Source back to "No Input" would throw an error message in Videosync's console.
  • Transform: Fixed a bug that made it impossible to select the Scale frame in the GUI if one or both Scale values were negative.
  • Transform: Fixed a regression where hovering over the Rotation dial did not highlight the rotation arrow and circle in the GUI.
  • Simpler: Relevant parameters now show up as expected again on Ableton Push.


September 23, 2023

  • ColorControl: The Modulation Mode for the Dark/Mid/Light Hue parameters is now set to Bipolar.
  • External In/Tabula: The default option for sidechain input menus now reads "No Input" instead of "None".
  • Feedback: Fixed a bug that would prevent the Center and Speed parameters from being restored correctly after (re)loading a Live Set and Videosync first connects.
  • Transform: Fixed a bug where entering a value by keyboard for the Rotation parameter would result in two values being drawn on top of each other.


August 23, 2023

New features


New device by Tarik Barri: Voronoi is a hybrid between a generator and an effect. Based on the Voronoi algorithm it allows both the creation and manipulation of images in a wide range of ways.

ISF Loader

  • "ISFLoader" is now called "ISF Loader".
  • ISF Loader now comes with a browser section, offering a seamless browsing experience within the device itself. Dropping ISF shader files anywhere in the ISF Loader is still supported.
  • The new browser reads ISF shader files from two folders: the Factory folder and the User folder. Users can use the User folder to save their custom shaders, and to have easy access to them.
  • The new browser allows for filtering different categories of shaders: Generators, Filters, Transitions.
  • ISF Loader now comes with a curated shader library of over 200 shaders.
  • The browser section also contains a Browse button, that once pressed will open a Finder dialogue to select and load a shader file.
  • The Info panel of the ISF Loader now displays more detailed information about the selected shader.
    • The "Edit File" button allows for opening the selected shader file in a default application (like a text/code editor).
    • The "Open Enclosing Folder" button will reveal the folder in which the selected shader file is located in the macOS Finder.
  • If a shader fails to compile, the error messages are now displayed in the Info panel.
  • The time it takes to load an ISF shader has been improved.
  • The new browser is disabled while Videosync is connected over a network. Apart from this, ISF Loader is fully functional when Videosync is connected over a network.
  • ISF Loader is fully backward compatible, meaning that replacing the old ISFLoader with the new one in existing Live Sets should work without any issues.
  • If a shader file was moved and can't be found by ISF Loader anymore, a notification appears in the Info panel, allowing the user to point to the new file location and restore previously saved settings.
  • The Minimum Max version required for ISF Loader is now set to 8.3.


Transform now has a new user interface, including a graphical representation of the Position, Scale, Rotation and Anchor Point. The new GUI supports mouse interaction.

  • Hovering over the yellow "+" shape will allow for selecting and adjusting the Position X/Y.
  • Hovering over the blue "X" shape will allow for selecting and adjusting the Anchor Point X/Y.
  • Hovering over the arrowhead will allow changing the rotation.
  • Hovering over an area within the blue frame will allow for selecting and adjusting the Scale X/Y.
  • The Rotation dial now rotates 360 degrees, 0 being up, similar to the arrow in the GUI.


  • If a video file was moved and can't be found by Simpler anymore, a notification appears in the device display, allowing the user to point to the new file location and restore previously saved settings.
  • Envelopes are no longer cut off when the transport starts playing.
  • Envelopes are no longer cut off or reduced in brightness at low release times when the transport is paused (this was especially noticeable with low release times).
  • Simpler's opacity envelope now also responds to attack/decay time changes after they have been triggered.
  • Updated the Short Names for all envelope parameters (Attack, Release, Fade In, Fade Out).
  • Loop On and Blend Mode parameters can now be automated, and are now accessible on Ableton Push.

Ableton Push support

  • Improved support for Ableton Push (tethered) across all Videosync devices.

Plugin SDK

  • All examples and dependencies are now included with the Videosync installer, and are installed to a separate folder in the User Library during the installation process.
  • Updated all Examples devices with new user interfaces and cleaned up internal patches.
  • Whenever an Examples device is dragged into Live, and the "videoDevice.maxpat" dependency cannot yet be found, an overlay appears in the device to inform the user of the steps required to make the Examples work. The overlay contains a button that once pressed, will to take the user to the online manual.
  • Max 8.2 is the minimum version required to be able to use Plugin SDK Examples. Any version newer than Live 11.1 ships with Max 8.2 or newer.

ISF spec improvements

  • The IMG_SIZE function can now be used get the dimensions of images.
  • The VIDEOSYNC preprocessor macro is now defined for all ISF Shaders.
  • Fixed bugs in IMG_PIXEL and IMG_NORM_PIXEL functions where nested brackets within the function calls would not be correctly parsed.

Folder hierarchy

From now on, the folder hierarchy in the User Library is as follows:

  • User Library/Videosync
    • /ISF Shaders
      • /Factory
      • /User
    • /Plugin SDK
      • /Examples
      • /objects
    • /Video Samples
    • /Videosync #.# Demo Project
    • /Videosync #.# Plugins
      • /_Presets
      • /Effects
      • /Instruments
      • /Utilities

Future major/minor versions of Videosync will install their respective "Videosync #.# Demo Project" and "Videosync #.# Plugins" folders into the "User Library/Videosync" folder.

Trial mode

  • While Videosync runs in Trial mode, the periodically appearing watermark now reads "Trial" instead of "DEMO".
  • In the title bar of Videosync's Master Out window, if a license has not been activated yet, the title now reads "Videosync Trial" instead of "Videosync Demo".

Various device improvements

  • Pixelate has a new UI.
  • Pixelate’s H/V parameters are now linked by default.
  • BloomBlur’s H/V parameters are now linked by default.
  • Transform’s Scale H/V parameters are now linked by default.
  • Transform's Wrap Mode B is now set to Clamp by default.
  • While active, all dials now have blue focusbordercolors (corners). While inactive they are grey.
  • While deactivated, all dials now have a brighter grey color for their needles.
  • Some dials in various devices were made wider, so that their corners aren't too close to the dial name.
  • Font size in all devices changed from 10px to 9.5px (default).
  • Various small UI object sizing and positioning adjustments.
  • Various small UI color related bugs were fixed.
  • Dropdown menus relating to sidechaining now have grey borders.
  • Tabs in Keyer and External In now stay functional while the devices are deactivated.


  • Added new presets.
  • The “Squares - Horizontal Snakes” preset was removed, as well as all the entire “Shaders” folder, as the included presets are now redundant.

Video Samples

  • Videosync now comes with a number of Video Samples, which can be found in the User Library.


  • The Videosync.dmg file now comes with an End User License Agreement, which users have to agree with before opening the dmg file. The EULA can also be found on our support website, in the Videosync manual.

Bug fixes

  • Soloing tracks that are routed to another audio track (that acts as a bus/group) now works as expected.
  • Fixed an edge-case where a track's "Audio To" routing would conflict with sidechain routing.
  • When going fullscreen while "Always On Top" in the Control Panel window is enabled, CMD+Tab and clicking the app icon will now make macOS turn back to Videosync.
  • Tabula: Fixed a bug that caused the [live.adsrui] object's attack ramp to reset to 0 when the device was deactivated, and revert back when the device was reactivated.