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April 8, 2023

Additions and improvements

  • The maximum window size is increased from 3840x2160 to 8192x8192 (Retina).
  • The Control Panel now has a window title.
  • In the Control Panel, the "Output" section is now called "Master Out".


March 5, 2023


  • Fixed a crash when two tracks reference each other through the input and/or output routings.


January 27, 2023


  • Fixed an issue where Videosync was not able to connect to Live after Beam 1.5 was already connected to Live.
  • CropMap's user interface now updates correctly when changing the Offset and Link parameters.


December 13, 2022


  • Return tracks sending to Syphon now follow the 'Link Opacity to Volume' setting.


November 12, 2022


  • Fixed an issue where files containing special characters supported by UTF-8 but not ASCII (e.g. è and é) could not be read.


November 11, 2022


  • Fixed an issue where sometimes some Videosync devices would not be initialized when opening a Live Set.


November 5, 2022


  • Fixed an issue with Videosync not receiving all the data (MIDI notes and parameter automation values) from Max for Live devices in situations where many devices are used.
  • Improved performance: it is now possible to work more reliably with sets containing larger amounts of Videosync devices and automated parameters.


September 28, 2022


  • The included demo Live Set now works as expected again.


September 23, 2022

Additions and improvements

  • Tracks can now send their content to an Audio Track through their 'Audio To' routings, allowing for audio tracks to be used as video busses.


  • Wavvy now blacks out pixels outside of the range when Wrap Mode is set to None. To ensure consistency with prior releases, Wavvy's default Wrap Mode A is now changed to Clamp.


September 5, 2022

New features

Simpler updates

  • Introduces a rewritten engine for Simpler, effectively resolving a variety of bugs and inconsistencies, such as:
    • Fixed a bug that caused Simpler to not output any video until the transport had played for the first time since the Live Set was loaded.
    • Fixed a bug that caused Simpler to start loading its video only after the host track was unmuted for the first time since the Live Set was loaded.
    • Fixed a bug that caused the End Frame not to be recalled correctly after (re)loading a Live Set.
    • Fixed a bug that caused the Max Frame value to sometimes be inaccurate.
    • Reduced the frequency of Simpler related ‘High memory usage’ warnings in Videosync's Console.
  • Introduces a rewritten engine for the display in Simpler's user interface, solving bugs and adding a variety of new features:
    • Simpler’s display now works as expected while using Max’s gl3 OpenGL Engine.
    • Simpler’s display now has a “Waiting for file information…” state, which is active while Simpler is waiting for Videosync to send back information about the loaded file. Until the information has been received, all display parameters are hidden.
    • Simpler’s display now has a “Not connected to Videosync” state, which becomes apparent after dragging a video or image into Simpler while Videosync hadn’t been launched yet. While in this state, all display parameters are hidden.
    • Simpler now features a new loading bar, which displays the Start and End positions, as well as the loading progress in between both positions.
    • Added the ability to switch between Frames and Seconds for the Start and End parameters. Hover over Simpler’s display to reveal the menu option. Seconds, now being the default mode, can be used to roughly set a Start and End position, while switching to Frames mode will allow for very specifically setting a Start and End frame. While Simpler is in Image mode, a duration in Seconds for the image can be set instead.
    • While hovering the cursor over Simpler’s display, the frame rate of the source video is now revealed.
    • While hovering the cursor over the Start or End parameters, the corresponding triangular marker in the loading bar will turn white.
    • Simpler’s display is now much more responsive while adjusting the Start and End positions, and in case of previous failure to display an image, will attempt to fix this while adjusting the Start and End positions.
    • While changing the Start and End positions, the display will switch from "Scale to fill" to "Scale to fit", making it possible to see the full frame. While the display is in "Scale to fill" mode, it is now possible to click the display and drag up and down to reveal a desired portion of the visible frame.
  • The initial value for Simpler’s Fade Out (ms) parameters is now 0 ms instead of 1 ms.
  • The Videosync Intro license overlay now shows up as expected again while using a Videosync Intro license.

Tabula updates

  • Tabula now has a Pitch Bend Range parameter.
  • The colors of the horizontal lines in Tabula’s modulation section now correspond with the color of the current tab.
  • The [live.adsrui] object of Tabula’s envelopes now becomes inactive when the device is disabled.

Other improvements

  • All visuals, including MIDI triggered envelopes, now remain visible in a paused state when the transport is stopped.
  • External In: 1080p input devices now capture at 1080p.
  • CropMap: Visual quality of the Mapping section in the user interface has been improved.
  • Messages in the Console now span the entire width of the Control window.
  • File sizes of all of Videosync’s devices have decreased substantially, improving device loading speeds in larger Live Sets.

Bug fixes

  • When reordering tracks, selected sidechain sources in devices like Tabula, External In, Displacement and Keyer now update to the correct track.
  • ISFLoader: When a point2D parameter is mapped and the value is changed by controlling it via the mapped dial, the interface in the Configure window is now updated correctly again.
  • Fixed an issue where time-based ISF shaders would not render smoothly when the computer was already running for a long time.
  • Fixed a bug that was responsible for MIDI notes not triggering visuals, if the note was at the start of the Arrangement Loop and the transport was moved to the start of the Arrangement Loop during playback.
  • Fixed various issues when using negative start times for clips in the Session View.
  • Fixed an issue that - even though Videosync said it was connected - caused plugins not to connect and initiate when loading a Live Set.