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Resolume M4L

Control Resolume Arena and Avenue from Ableton Live without MIDI mapping. Supports syncing clip triggers and effect parameters.

Release Notes

For ResolumeM4L release notes, click here.

System requirements

  • Ableton Live 11.1 or higher with Max For Live, using Max 8.3 or higher
  • Windows 10 (Build 1909 or later) or macOS 10.13+ (High Sierra or later)

How to use

Resolume Dispatcher

Connects Live to Resolume. By default it sends to the same computer, so if running both Live and Resolume on the same computer, it works out of the box.

If you want to send it to a different machine, make sure they are on the same network, and fill out the IP address of the computer running Resolume.

In Resolume make sure the default port is set to receive OSC, and that bundles are turned on. It doesn't matter where you put the Dispatcher in Live. The Main track is a good place, but feel free to put it anywhere you want.


Use only one Dispatcher in your Live Set.

  • Resolume Address Sets the two IP addresses for both destinations.
  • Resolume OSC Port Sets the two port numbers for both destinations.
  • Link Tempo Links Resolume's global tempo to Ableton Live.
  • Link Start/Stop to Pause Links Resolume's transport state to Ableton Live.
  • Resync on Start Links Resolume's re-sync position to Ableton Live.
  • Click the lock in the top right corner to make it possible to disable the device.
  • Enable/Disable will enable or disable the "Sent Messages" log. Disable this if you experience a CPU bottleneck.
  • Clear Clears the "Sent Messages" log.

Clip Launcher

This is a simple way to connect audio tracks to clips in Resolume. Simply drop it on an audio track in Live, and it will trigger clips in Resolume automatically when you trigger clips in Live. It corresponds exactly, so scene 1 in track 1 in Live connects to clip 1 in layer 1 in Resolume, scene 2 to clip 2 etc. You can always change the targeted layer via the drop down.

You can stack multiple Launchers, so you can trigger multiple clips or entire columns with a single click on a scene in Live.

Clip Launcher
  • Controlling Sets whether this channel should control a layer or column in Resolume.
  • Layer number Sets the number of the layer in Resolume to launch clips of.
  • Currently playing clip no. shows the number of the clip/scene that iss currently playing.
  • Click the lock in the top right corner to make it possible to disable the device.

Parameter forwarder

Dropping this device behind an effect in an effect chain, will allow you to forward parameter information to Resolume. You can choose which parameter you want to forward from a dropdown menu, and send it to any parameter in Resolume.

There are a few example addresses in the dropdown menu that let you control the dashboard dials on the composition and layer level in Resolume, but you can type in any OSC address you want. For example typing in /activeclip/video/position/values would allow you to control the playhead of the active video clip.

Parameter Forwarder
  • Left-hand dropdown menus Selectors for the parameters you want to link.
  • Left-hand number boxes Show the current value of the linked parameter.
  • Right-hand dropdown menus Selectors for the destination parameters in Resolume to link to.
  • Right-hand number boxes Show the current raw value of the linked parameter.
  • Click the lock in the top right corner to make it possible to disable the device.
Available OSC addresses

For more information on all available OSC addresses, visit this page.


For support for these devices, visit our forum.

Support for Resolume can be found at the Resolume forum.

These plugins are custom-tailored for use with Resolume. To control other software from Ableton Live, you can use LiveGrabber.