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Syphon is a technology that allows applications to share frames - full frame rate video or stills - with one another in real-time. With Syphon, you can use Videosync in combination with other tools like Resolume, VDMX or MadMapper. Videosync can output its video via Syphon, as well as receive video through Syphon.

Syphon outputs

Videosync can output the Master track's texture, as well as the Return tracks' textures, via Syphon. This can be enabled in the Preferences, and allows for outputting up to 13 different textures simultaneously to any other Syphon enabled application.

IO tab of the Preferences window IO tab of the Preferences window

Syphon input

The 'External In' instrument can receive video from other software, including from Syphon sources. The incoming video can directly be used in combination with all other devices in Videosync.

External In