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Control Window

The Control Window contains all global settings related to video output. There are three ways to open this window:

  • With the shortcut ⌘ + K.
  • Click on 'Control' under the Window menu.
  • Click the Videosync icon in the macOS status bar.
Control Window


  • X & Y: sets the output window position in pixels relative to your main screen.
  • W & H: sets the output window size in pixels.
  • Always On Top: puts the Videosync output on top of all other windows, even when Videosync is not in focus.
  • Border: shows the macOS window border and buttons around the output window when enabled.
  • Link Master Fader: when enabled, Live's Master volume fader will affect Videosync.


  • Draw size W & H: sets the drawing size of the rendering engine when 'Same As Window' is disabled.
  • Same As Window: when disabled, Draw size will set the resolution of the rendering engine. When enabled, the engine uses the same size as the window. You are likely to use this when working with Syphon output (see Preferences.)


  • FPS: shows the current rendering frame rate.
  • MFT (Max Frame Time): maximum number of milliseconds it took to render a frame (more info here, under Measuring hardware performance).


This panel notifies you of any updates, warnings or errors that are not obious in the visual output. Press the Trash icon to clear the list of messages.